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June 1999

30 June 1999

Added the setlist for the 29 June 1999 Hannover show
Added a review for the Glastbonbury Festival show, and confirmed the setlist I has as accurate
Corrected the venue for 27 June 1999 show (thanks to Christian Jehke)

29 June 1999

Added the setlist for the 27 June 1999 Frankfurt show, and corrected the order and added in Walk Unafraid to the 26 June 1999 Oberhausen show (thanks to Rolf Jehke)
Added the complete setlist for the 25 June 1999 Glastonbury show (thanks to James Young)
Added more reviews for the 23 June 1999 London show, and added reviews for the 22 June 1999 first London show
Added in the complete setlist for the 20 February 1995 Turin show rather than the edited setlist taken from the bootleg (thanks to Stefano Bardini)

27 June 1999

Added a portion of the Glastonbury Festival setlist, and corrected the venue and city for the 26 June 1999 show, and added the setlist to it

26 June 1999

Added a review for the 23 June 1999 2nd Earl's Court show
Added Losing My Religion into the setlist for the 23 June 1999 show (thanks to Mario Pisani)
Added info and who else played at the 14 May 1985 Raleigh, NC show which turns out was an all day benefit fesitval for hunger in Africa (thanks to John MacMillan)

24 June 1999

Added a setlist for the 23 June 1999 second London show

23 June 1999

Added setlists for 20 June Vigo and 22 June 1999 London shows

21 June 1999

Added a setlist and review for the 19 June 1999 Madrid show
Added a date and setlist for another promotional show on 8 March 1999 in Paris (thanks to Yael Casper)
Added a mini review for the 27 July 1984 show (thanks to Tom Ivey)
Added a note to the 21 October 1982 Athens show that Peter Holsapple joined the band onstage for his song Neverland (thanks to Brian Geiger)

20 June 1999

Added 2 reviews for the 17 June 1999 Lisbon show
Corrected setlist for the 11 February 1989 Adelaide show
Added an alternative encore 2 for 28 Sep 1984 show
Added in extra songs to the 24 Aug, 25 Aug 1985,31 Aug 1985 and 27 Oct 1986 shows
Added setlists for the following shows: 25 Sep 1984, 17 Nov 1984, 12 Jul 1985, 7 Aug 1985, 24 Sept 1986, 4 Oct 1986, 19 Oct 1986, 31 Oct 1986, 9 May 1991, 26 Jan 1989, 17 Feb 1989, 1 Mar 1989, 4 Mar 1989, 6 Mar 1989, 16 Mar 1989, 20 Mar 1989, 10 Apr 1989, 19 May 1989, 22 June 1989
Added in Wuxtry Records demos on 6 June 1980 (everything bar the reviews thanks to Brett Lowman)

19 June 1999

Added in a setlist and date for the June 17 Lisbon show (Cuyahoga!!)
Added in all upcoming tour dates to save me having to do it later!
Corrected the date for the San Francisco show in 1984, I'm now convinced it was on June 24 not June 22, as at that show Stipe says they played that morning to a crowd of heavy metal fans who thought they sucked which would correspond with the Mountain Aire Festival date, and June 22 they played in Hollywood which has been added (thanks to Staci Munday), also deleted 14 June 1984 Palace show which doesn't seem to have taken place. You can find a poster of the 22 June show at Staci's site confirming this
Corrected the info for the 9 October 1983 show where I had 2 setlists listed, the second setlist was actually from 9 June 1983 in Los Angeles, though the venue of the Good Knight Pub was correct for the 9 October date (thanks to Chris Hartstonge)

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