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May 1999 and earlier

30 May 1999

Added a setlist for the 18 April 1989 show (thanks to Jim McVey)
Added in the venue name and one song performed for the October 5 1984 Carbondale, IL show (thanks to Glenn Rogers)
Changed the 31 October 1983 support info, R.E.M. actually supported The Cramps, not the other way around (thanks to me actually reading the book 'It Crawled From The South' for that one)

23 May 1999

Added a new date and setlist for April 14 1982 in New Haven, CT
Added another review for the 26th July 1995 Huddersfield show
Added in 2 Stipe solo guest performances for the Patti Smith show on 21 December 1997 and 13 June 1998 Radiohead in Washington (thanks to Erin Barcus)
Added in the venue name and another support act for the October 14 1983 Maine show (thanks to Chris Shea)
Added in some more notes for the 1 February 1995 Tokyo show (thanks to Gabe Ettore)
Added a review for the 6 November 1998 Vienna show (thanks to Anne Hierholtz)
Added some notes for the Omaha show from September 1984 (thanks to Bryan Andersen) and confirmed that date as being on 13 September 1984 (thanks to Donna Schoeppner)

1 May 1999

Added in the songs performed by Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Holsapple to the 15 March 1991 Borderline show
Corrected the setlist for the April 28 1991 Mountain Stage show, and added in who performed what song where R.E.M. didn't play (thanks to Steven Figueroa and Jason Zimberoff's tape list)
Added a new date (either 12 or 13 Sept. 1984) and venue for a show in Nebraska (thanks to Trevor Payne)
Added a new date for a show in NC in early May 1983 (thanks to Jonathan McGirt)
Added the following reviews:
26 July 1995 Huddersfield (thanks to Chris Hughes)
27 July 1995 Edinburgh (thanks to John McLaughlin)
29 July 1995 Milton Keynes (thanks to Dave Logue)

11 April 1999

Added a setlist for the 12 April 1989 Toronto show (thanks to Scott Spillane)
Added some more supporting evidence that the 31 March 1981 setlist actually isn't from this date (though a show did definately take place at that venue on that date), and also added a picture of a flyer for the same gig (thanks to Rodney Rowland)
Added a mini review for the 22 July 1995 Dublin show (thanks to Declan Cummins)

29 March 1999

Added Don't Fear The Reaper to the mp3 section! I promise I'll put up a lot more shortly!

28 March 1999

Corrected the venue name to Rutgers University from Brown University for the 22 October 1987 show (thanks to Sharon Thomas)
Corrected the date from 9 July 1995 to 7 July 1995 for the Cologne show (thanks to Will Scheckel)
Added setlists for 23 April 1989 Charlotte and 20 September 1989 NY shows (thanks to Brett Lowman)

17 March 1999

Added a date for the 6 March 1999 Czech Grammy awards
Corrected the date from 13 to 11 March 1999 for the Sweden TV show performance

16 March 1999

Added a date for 23 August 1982 San Francisco (thanks to Eric Postel)
Added the full setlist for the 12 September 1989 Buffalo show (thanks to Brett Lowman)
Added Zither to the setlist for 16 November 1995 Charlston show (thanks to Ben Bedo)
Added a date and setlist for the 13 March 1999 Sweden TV show

14 March 1999

Added dates and setlists for the 5 March 1999 Echo Awards show, 9 March 1999 Paris TV show and 11 March 1999 Oslo, Norway TV show
Added a scanned picture of the ticket for the Taratata TV show taping (thanks to Michele Traversa)

8 March 1999

I'd been threatening it for a long time, and now finally I can start provding mp3's on here! The first song up is Time Is On My Side from 25 August 1985, get it from the new mp3 page or from the 1985 page
Added a date and setlist for the 2 March 1999 London show
Corrected the 18 October 1995 setlist where Instrumental is now known to be Zither (thanks to Ben Bedo)

3 March 1999

Added a date and setlist for the 22 February 1999 Tibet House Benefit show
Added a date and setlist for 25 Feburary San Remo and 28 February 1999 Taratata TV show, as well as a review fo the 28 February show, all thanks to Michele Traversa
Confirmed the setlist and added in Losing My Religion to the 24 May 1995 show (thanks to Nico)
Added Love Tractor as a support band for the 31 December 1984 show (thanks to Scott Goodwin)

22 February 1999

The first review added! Thanks very much to Michele Traversa for sending me a review of the 11 November 1998 show, click here to read it. Also added I'm Not Over You to the setlist as well thanks to Micky's information
Added a search capability for the site thanks to FreeFind
Added a 1999 page!
Added dates and setlists for 17 and 19 February 1999 shows
Added Skank to the 24 September 1982 setlist (thanks to Rick Mueller)
Corrected the 12 October 1995 show which had Undertow and Bang and Blame the wrong way around
Added Feeling Gravitys Pull to the 9 October 1987 show setlist
Added the support information for the 11 June 1983 show, at least according to one M. Stipe (all those thanks to Steve Marshall)

17 February 1999

Quite a few changes, all thanks to Steve Marshall
Added a date and setlist for the 7 December 1998 Rockline radio show
Corrected the setlist for 17 April 1984 France show, the song played was That Beat, not Romance (and I have this show on tape too, doh!)
For the 6 November 1998 show, Diminished was actually I'm Not Over You
Added the fact a bootleg is available for the 6 October 1982 show
Added Skin Tight to the setlist for the 30 April 1989 show

16 February 1999

Added a setlist for the 22 May 1989 Nottingham show (thanks to Ben Bedo)
Started (or at least thought about it!) preparation for a concert review section

6 February 1999

Corrected the date for the Bluenote, Columbia, MD show from 28 June 1983 to 30 June 1983 (thanks to Jerome)
Added the setlist for the 15 November 1998 Modern Rock Live broadcast (thanks to Tom Santilli)
Added the setlist for the 3 March 1989 St Louis show (thanks to Ben Bedo)

31 January 1999

Added a setlist for 15 November 1986
Added an alternative date and venue for the 9 October 1983 show (both thanks to Brett Lowman)
Added a setlist for 4 June 1989 (thanks to Ben Bedo)

24 January 1999

Corrected the setlist for the April 1991 MTV Unplugged show (thanks to Joel Schander)
Added a setlist for the 3 November 1989 Chattanooga, TN show (thanks to Ben Bedo)
Added more songs (though they might not be in the right order) to the 5 September 1986 Birmingham, AL show (thanks to Randall Cox)

13 January 1999

Corrected the setlist for the 11 November 1998 Milan show for TV
Corrected and put in the right order the setlist for 6 August 1995 Sicily (thanks to Michele Traversa for both of those)
Added in a couple of the songs that were known to be played at the 7 April 1989 Morgantown show (thanks to Raj Verma)

9 January 1999

Corrected the setlist for the 22 February 1995 Rome show, and corrected the venue for the 6 June 1989 Sweden show (thanks to David Ersmarker)
Added in the encore information for most of the 1995 shows, though with Let Me In starting 98% of the encores you probably could have guessed this anyway :)

7 January 1999

Added a setlist for 7 September 1986 and 6 April 1989 shows
Corrected the venue for the 24 October 1987 show and broke up the second encore listed in to a third encore for that show (thanks to Owen Gwilliam for all of that)

3 January 1999

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy new year, back now with the updates!
Corrected the venue for the 20 September 1995 Dallas show (thanks to Brian Flood)
Added in a performance on Top Of The Pops on 30 October 1998 in London (thanks to Laurent Z)

13 December 1998

Added more setlists, thanks to Brett Lowman)
Corrected the 27 March 1983 and 17 June 1989 show setlists
Added setlists for the following 1989 shows: 8 March, 11 April, 15 April, 15 June, 16 June, 27 June, 28 June, 21 October

12 December 1998

Added the 10 December 1998 Jay Leno performance

9 December 1998

A lot more changes to 1987 this time, again thanks to Chris Hartstonge
Added in the encore information for all the known 1987 setlists
More detailed information about the recording and mixing sessions for Document
Added the setlists for the following 1987 shows: 16 Sept, 3 Oct, 6 Oct, 14 Oct, 22 Oct, 24 Oct, 30 Oct, 2 Nov, 5 Nov, 7 Nov, 8 Nov, 16 Nov, 23 Nov, 24 Nov, 25 Nov
Added extra songs to following 1987 setlists: 2 Oct, 19 Oct, 4 Nov, 15 Nov, 18 Nov, 27 Nov
Added a date and setlist for a rehearsal for the Green tour on 19 January 1989 Atlanta

8 December 1998

A couple of more changes, again thanks to Chris Hartstonge's wonderful information
Added 2 more setlists for the 2 and 3 February 1989 New Zealand shows
Corrected the setlist for Viceroy Park 7 November 1981, and added a note for the 31 March 1981 show that the date is probably incorrect and is more likely from October/November 1981 rather than March

7 December 1998

Tons of changes this time!
Corrected the title of the Spanish tv show they played on (El Alamo was the club name not the tv show) and filled in the unknown song (thanks to Dani Pindado Sebastian)
A huge amount of changes come courtesy of Chris Hartstonge who has been kind enough to share his vast amount of setlist and dates information with me. From his information I have completely updated 1984 and 1985 with *a lot* more information, adding more support band info, adding extra songs missing from my setlists and correcting setlists that were erroneous, adding missing setlists and added extra shows that I didn't have listed at all. Hopefully Chris will be able to fill me in with a lot more information in the future, thanks Chris!
Also I have begun to add in the encore information, rather than just lumping all the songs together, as I think it is important to know which songs were played in the encore and which were played in the main set as well. So far 1984 and 1985 have been done thanks to Chris' information, hopefully I will be updating other years soon

22 November 1998

Well the promo tour is now over, all that's left is the Sesame Street performance in January :)
Added the Modern Rock Live, Conan O'brien and Rosie O'Donnell performances, that's it for the promo tour! Some excellent setlists though, especially the amount of older songs played, it's great to see they've become more willing to play older songs like Perfect Circle and Pretty Persuasion again

15 November 1998

More additions as the promo tour continues. Sorry for the slow updates, studying too hard for exams :)
Added date and setlist for the Hamburg performance (thanks to Christian Jehke)
Added the Madrid TV performance (thanks to Francisco Calvo)
Also added the dates and setlists for the Stockholm, Vienna, and Milan performances

3 November 1998

Added the date and setlist for their TFI Friday performance
Corrected the setlist for the 25 August 1985 Albany show which was missing a few songs

30 October 1998

Added the 25 October 1998 BBC Radio 1 Performance and the 27 October 1998 Later With Jools Holland Tv special setlists

27 October 1998

Updated the setlists and info for their current promotional tour. Added 17 and 18 October Bridge Benefit shows, 21 October 1998 Bowery Ballroom show, 22 and 23 October 1998 Letterman performances, 23 October 1998 VH1 Storytellers show and the fact Up is now released everywhere, yay!

11 October 1998

2 more setlists, yet again thanks to Brett Lowman
Added setlists for 14 March 1989 and 20 April 1989

11 September 1998

More setlists, again thanks to Brett Lowman
Added some more tracks for the 9 November 1983 demos
Added setlists for 4 October 1987 and 17 October 1987
Added a setlist and corrected the venue for 20 May 1988

19 August 1998

Lots of additions to the setlists, all thanks to Brett Lowman
Added setlists for 17 June 84, 29 September 84, 23 November 84, 7 July 85, 12 September 86, 5 October 86, 12 October 86, 1 November 86, 2 November 86, 20 November 86, 24 November 86, 26 November 86, 12 September 87, 21 October 87, 29 October 87, 3 November 87, 18 November 87, 27 November 87, 12 February 89, 1 April 89, 11 June 89, 12 September 89, September 89, 10 October 89, 13 March 91, 1 April 91, 29 May 91, 15 June 91, 31 January 92
Added Wendell Gee and I Can Only Give You Everything to the 6 October 84 show, and filled in the songs I had no titles for in the 27 September 86 show (Nasty Blues and Goo Goo Muck)
Added the complete setlist of the 28 April 91 show (though R.E.M. didn't perform on those songs anyway, it's nice to know everything that was played)
Added dates and setlists for 19 February 96, 26 April 96, 17 February 97 and 15 June 98

15 August 1998

Added Bang and Blame into the setlist for the 9 July 1995 Cologne show (thanks to Christian Jehke for that)

12 August 1998

Added a date and setlist for the Michael Stipe and Vic Chesnutt show on 24 August 1993
Added some more info for the 24 May 1987 McCabes Guitar Shop performance and added the tracks performed by Peter Case into the setlist (thanks to Ben Tolsky for both of those)

11 August 1998

Added a setlist for the 13 September 1989 Hartford show
Added a date for April 1983 in Hartford when R.E.M. opened for The English Beat (thanks to Jeff Briggs for both of those)

5 July 1998

Added a lot more comments for shows from 1980-1985
Added a setlist for the 9 July 1995 Cologne show (thanks to Sven)
Added this what's new page!

25 June 1998

No major changes, just fixed up a few spelling and format errors

22 June 1998

Completely redesigned the pages, hopefully making it easier to navigate around. Ditched the two date format, merged it into one and listed the dates in full so as to avoid confusion

17 June 1998

Moved this page to Ozemail thanks to my old ISP going bust, look out for a lot more changes to this page soon

25 April 1998

Added North American day format option

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