11 September 1999 - Great Woods Amphitheatre, Mansfield, MA

"That's great, it starts with an earthquake," dot dot dot, and the house rocked!

Michael was mesmerizing and the entire band looked like they were having a blast. We were on our feet all night, dancing and singing along. Memories of this concert will bring us joy for the rest of our lives.

The band took the stage, "Hey Hey" with "Lotus" followed by WTFK, and there was no looking back! The lights, the vibration - the music carried us away.

We were fortunate to have the band play "Sad Professor" and "Fall on Me." Michael's rendition of "Hope" was even more moving than on the Up CD, as was "Walk Unafraid." His performance of a favorite, "Leave," was unforgettable.

It would be impossible to pick out the highlights - the band had the entire hall rocking with them all night.

Thank you Michael, Peter, and Mike! After undertaking a rigorous tour schedule for your fans, we know "its time you had some time alone" in Athens. When you are ready to hit the road again, we will be there.

-- Pats, Cathy, Steve, Isaac (14) and Aaron (8)

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