R.E.M. - 26 July 1995 McAlpine Stadium, Huddersfield, England

I first 'discovered' R.E.M. in 1991 when I was 16, consequently I've only seen them 'in the flesh' once.

That was at Huddersfield in July 1995 with the Beautiful South, Terrorvision and Echobelly in support.

It was one of the hottest days of the year and the gates opened at 2.00 pm. R.E.M. came on at approx. 9.00 pm. and I can remember feeling a real buzz of anticipation, the like of which I'd only really previously experienced at big football matches and the odd special concert.

As it was the next two and a half hours was the greatest time of my whole life. Berry, Buck & Mills came on stage first and began playing 'What's the Frequency ?' and then Michael came on. It took me a few songs to get over the fact that I was actually seeing them up close and in the flesh but the time just flew.

Best moments of many were probably 'Man on the Moon and 'Let Me In' and everytime Michael spoke to the crowd was pretty amazing too.

By the time 'It's the End of the World' finished to signal the end of the show, I was completely in awe, so much so I suffered a severe come down for the next week !

I am seeing them 3 times this year in London, Manchester & Scotland so it will no doubt be my greatest summer ever.

Cheers, Chris Hughes.....

Awesome gig. More like a festival, with beer tents and all. Concert highlight: Michael pulling on a Huddersfield Town jersey (the local soccer team) saying "this is a bit crazy, but what the hell", before singing the final number.

Al Morris

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