R.E.M. - 27 July 1995 Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland

Venue: Murrayfield stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland
Attendance: mmm, 40,000? thereabouts
Bill: R.E.M.,Belly, Spearhead
Date: 27-07-1995

After the long car journey and the horrific heat, this had to be good, for the sake of the lives of everyone around me. Forget spearhead, forget Belly, REM, this is it.

It was a humongous concert, couldn't get standing tickets, so I had to sit, however it wasn't long before I was on the pitch. The setlist was pretty much the same for everyother leg of the european monster tour, bar the new songs demo'd here.
binky the doormat

The sound was great, the weather was great, and thankfully, the health of Berry, and Stipe was substantially better than the two months before the gig.

The new songs were greeted with respect, and wonder. A teasing glimpse of the things to come on New Adv. Michael was wearing a red silky viscose blouse type thing with a red tartan kilt, The audience took great pleasure in this. The show itself was really one big orgasm for myself. It was rem, they played everything, country feedback,drive, frequency,bang & blame, star me kitten, crush with eyeliner, superman(superwoman),. What can I say? Top show from the best band.

John McLaughlin

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