28 February 1999 - Taratata TV Show - Bologna, Italy

A great show, just eight songs but performed in a smashing form.

They came out and first they did the interview for the TV, then before start playing Michael said "I wanna take this occasion to say we really love Italy" and WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY KENNETH opened the show. Michael was wearing "a shirt of violent green" , Peter an unusual flowered shirt under the jacket and Mike his glittering suit jacket.

At one point Michael said "I don't remember the words for this one you can probably help me" and they launched in LOSING MY RELIGION, he was obviously joking but he changed the words in "Oh life is bigger, bigger than ME and ME is not ME".

The setlist included an extremely long version of MAN ON THE MOON which seemed would never ends: Peter and Mike went on playing over and over. After that, just before WALK UNAFRAID, Michael started singing a certain song, followed by someone of the crowd but I didn't recognize that one.

"Walk Unafraid" ended the show, they said goodbye and left the stage (I was just near the exit) but soon they came out again for an amazing version of IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD... and Michael sang it all w/out reading the words !!!

P.S. While I was outside waiting for enter, I could hear them rehearsing and I clearly distinguished "How the west was won...", I think they'll perform that one this summer.


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