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Last updated: 13 January 2019
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A bit of info about this site

This page will try to document every R.E.M. performance, and provide a general timeline of when albums were recorded and released, as well as provide setlists for shows where known. I won't pretend these pages are perfect, so if you have a setlist for a show not listed, or a correction/addition for a date/venue please mail me. It would be very appreciated!

Most of the concert dates up to 1995 originally came from Gary Nabors' brilliant book REMnants (Eclipse Publishing, ISBN 0-9636241-4-8). If you can find a copy don't hesitate to buy it, it is more than worthwhile even if you're not a serious collector. It is now out of print, but if you see it buy it! It's worth it alone for the fascinating 30 page Peter Buck interview.

There is also an excellent book titled 'Adventures In Hi-Fi : The Complete R.E.M.' written by Rob Jovanovic and Tim Abbott, which rivals 'It Crawled From The South' for detail and fascinating insight. In this book a wealth of new dates and setlists have been unearthed, and Rob and Tim have been very kind to allow me to include these additions on my site. If you're interested in the history of R.E.M., I can't recommend this book highly enough.

I'd love to include your reviews from any past occasion you may have seen R.E.M. perform. You can mail me here.

If you're interested in finding out how and why I started this site, and just how the heck I managed to get so many setlists when I can't possibly own every live show out there, click here to find out!

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